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Thread: Ebay Scalper Destruction

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    Quote Originally Posted by faxman75 View Post
    I guess that's the difference between us then, I don't really have the energy to be mad for folks who want to go to a show everytime they are sold out.
    thats a bit of oversimplification there. it is legitimate to look down upon people who decide to keep this industry alive. nay, its your duty. it also requires very little energy.

    and change always requires energy.
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    Every single year that I have gone to Coachella I have purchased the tickets off of eBay. As it gets closer to the date (about 2 weeks) prices always fall. You have a lot of people that can't make it to the concert for a reason or another. I have always managed to buy the the tix for face value (no excessive Ticketmaster charges, etc.).

    This year though it seems a little strange. It's almost as though Goldenvoice is doing this on purpose. But for what? More people at the event means more money..yet they capping the amout of 1 day passes, 3-day passes, etc. Why? What's the reason? Are they getting money from eBay, stubhub, etc,? Even the days that have been sell outs have not been packed at the polo grounds. I mean the polo grounds are huge. There is no understandable reason why they would cap the tickets like that. I guess this is the first year that I don't go unless I find some reasonably priced tix on eBay.

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    The understandable reason is they want the festival to be comfortable. If they sell another 10000 tickets it won't be a good experience and people won't continue to come every year.

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