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Thread: Rage crowd in '07?

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    Default Rage crowd in '07?

    Are there any pictures or videos from Rage Against The Machine's performance from 2007 that shows just how massive the crowd was? Obviously, we already know that there were dozens of cameras filming all throughout. I've looked on youtube, but it seems that all I can really find is just 30 seconds of a jumping cell phone or a picture of just a fraction of the largest Coachella crowd.

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    nearly died in the pit, was hectic az.
    Than again, 3 days straight of going hard will do that to you
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    Default Re: Rage crowd in '07?

    I didn't think cameras were allowed.

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    I was watching the TeddyBears. I do have a VERY slightly used RATM "Battle for the Empire Polo Grounds" tshirt though (black XXL, of course.)

    I'm willing to trade for a bear suit or one of those bear heads.

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