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Thread: Octopus Project - Golden Beds EP

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    Default Octopus Project - Golden Beds EP

    You can stream it here!

    Possible candidate of Coachella 2010? I'm sure it would be a welcomed return.

    Any Octopus Project love here? They have definitely become one of my favorite bands.

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    Happened to catch Octo Project Sunday in 06, been a fan ever since!

    Bring'em back please.

    late night + gobi tent + projector

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    Default Re: Octopus Project - Golden Beds EP

    Yeah, I'd love to see them back. They're playing at a pretty tiny bar here in a few weeks. Looking forward to that a lot.

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    Default Re: Octopus Project - Golden Beds EP

    i'm loving this live version of Rorol. I forgot they do that with it. Unless it's just re-recorded for this EP. Sounds live-ish.

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