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Thread: The Official Classical Music Youtube Thread

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    Post The Official Classical Music Youtube Thread

    I know that streaming interweb videos are hardly the best way to experience classical music, but there are some incredible treasures available on youtube, so let's share them.

    I am aware that there are couple of existing threads for the general topic of classical music. This thread is specifically for:

    • Posting of classical music (symphonic, chamber, ballet, solo instrument, opera, etc.) themed youtube videos.
    • Discussion of of said videos and the performances they capture.

    When you post a video, please provide a brief description, tell us why you selected this video and give us any other observations you care to. Here's my first selection...

    Selection: Adagio for Strings
    Composer: Samuel Barber
    Conductor: Leonard Slatkin
    Orchestra: BBC Symphony Orchestra
    Performance: Last Night of the Proms, Sept. 15, 2001
    Comments: The Adagio for Strings would perhaps be regarded as a cliche and uninspired first selection by some because of how ubiquitous this piece is in the orchestra repertoire. Undoubtedly one of the most widely heard and loved 20th Century American compositions. I selected this video because Barber is one of my favorite American composers and I think Slatkin is the finest interpreter of Barber's work (see his recordings with the St. Louis Symphony.) This piece was added at the last minute to the 'Last Night of the Proms'. It was selected in remembererance of the victims of 9/11 and performed just 4 days after 9/11. I remember watching this on BBC America that night. Try to look back at that week in 2001 without irony or cynicism (is that possible?) I think you'll find Slatkin and the BBC Symphony's emotional performance to be incredibly moving.

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    Default Re: The Official Classical Music Youtube Thread

    Nice idea, Andrew, but I don't think is going to take off around here. Great performance of the adagio there, though!

    Selection: Lullaby and Final Hymn from Firebird
    Composer: Stravinsky
    Conductor: Stravinsky
    Orchestra: New Philharmonia Orchestra
    Performance: 1965
    Comments: Greatest composer of the 20th C. Duh. And it's a video of the grand master conducting one of his most enduring and popular works. He's a bit too feeble to really conduct with flair, but what a great moment this must have been for the orchestra and the audience. The extended standing ovation at the end is really touching.

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    Default Re: The Official Classical Music Youtube Thread

    I prefer not-Stravinsky conducting Stravinsky and I'd push for Shostakovich as the greatest composer of the 20th century but still a nice piece and a nice post.

    Also yay for Barber.
    I don't think I'm hosting a 2016 collaborative playlist.

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