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Thread: Primavera 2010

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    Default Primavera 2010

    Dates announced today. 27-29 May 2010. (Wouldn't it be nice to know the Coachella dates 11 Months before it happens?).

    There are VIP tickets already available for only 120 Euro. I've never been VIP, so i have no idea what the advantages of this are, but for only 30 Euro more than a standard ticket, it may well be worth it.

    The Early Bird tickets also give you access to their Dec festival, which is held in various venues around Barcelona over a week (although i doubt any of you will be coming over twice).

    They take Paypal, so sell some old shit on Ebay and grab yourself a ticket.
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    well, for all intensive porpoises it is, will sell out within seconds tomorrow.
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    Default Re: Primavera 2010

    How was it this year ??

    I thoroughly enjoyed '08.
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    Default Re: Primavera 2010

    sonofhal, do you think if I bought a ticket and I then for some reason I can't make it(which seems to happen to me a fuckload of the time), it would be easy to sell my ticket? The lineups for Primavera are always amazing, and you have been telling me it's a great festival. By the way has Glasto announced dates?

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