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    This is not a stroke story, nor is it filled with 'scenes' or moments of piqued sexuality. It is not faultless and I'm sure I've left things out that some wags will bring to my attention. It is a character study; an in-depth look at what it is like for ONE young woman to discover the nuances of D/s and BDSM, and the challenges she faces on the road to her self-actualisation. Ultimately, if you are waiting with held breath for the arrival of 'the weekend', you will be disappointed.

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    why dont our moderators do anything?

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    call me what you will, you left out the fucking poll ass hat.

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    I wish they would do something about you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juloxx View Post
    Shut the fuck up you pussy. If you dont get down with Westside Connection you have no credibility in the music world what so-ever. Get off these forums you *** *** and go bump your N'sync
    Quote Originally Posted by Goatchella View Post
    I'm down with westside again

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