Hello Freaks
' From the shadows that lie at the deepest depths of the darkness, Shall
come the light..........'

Im on the road to coachella to witness the return of the voice of the voiceless at this gathering of global energies.Times of change are a coming, and this could be the beginning of it,at least i hope so anyway!.?... either way you Buy the ticket, you take the ride!.....

I shall be leaving robin hood country for the shire of london on Thursday morning Before departing on the big bird at 10am (GMT). landing in L.A on Thursday 1.30pm (LA Time) and provided i dont get mistaken for osama bin laden at the airport and get sent off to guantanamo bay or some other such dungeon, i should be setting off for coachella on friday morning.

I have a hire car arranged and
Theres room for 3.

After the festival i shall be following in the footsteps of the great Dr gonzo and driving to las vegas.After a night of high jinks and thrill seeking im all set for Denver.I fly out of Denver on may 7th.

I will be Armed with a video camera and Microphone at all times!.

I am looking for 1-3 co-pilots for the trip from LA to coachella and then the same 3 seats are empty all the way to Denver.So anyone who wants a wild ride home via vegas let me know.Failing that its me,myself and i all the way, now that would be crazy!.

I must warn you in advance though,this trip wont be for the faint hearted! and Fear and Loathing are to be expected at all times!.
So for your own safety and my own sanity its better you p.m me and tell me a little bit about yourself so we can assure all our passengers a safe and pleasureable journey.

I think thats it so if i dont see you before have a great coachella, and be sure to wear your soul on your sleeve! Cause the light is gonna shine!!!

bye for now

every day never forget
************************************************** ********
Pleae note - fuel costs and medicine supplies are to be divided equally by all travelling (Myself included)