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    Whats going on, this will be my first Coachella and I am camping out. Was wondering how the camping scene is and if ya'll get down or what. I know there is a 2am curfew but can gaurentee that wont fly, at least not with me. Wondering if there is any kind of party scene afterwards. I'm not looking for a crazy rager but basically just wanna kick it with some cool people and have a good time. Not too interested in traveling all over the place so on-site would be cool. So whats going on guys, get at me.

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    ill tell you where the party is after 2am....

    MY PANTS!!!!!

    Peace to the Ewoks! May your race live on forever

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    Sweet, a pants party, i'm in.

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    u betta be in ;-)
    Peace to the Ewoks! May your race live on forever

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    Haven't you read any of the other 100 post like yours
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    Well, if you have read all of them why bother reading this one and commenting, take your douchebag ass somewhere else.

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    I think clearlyimaginative is trying to find out if anyone wants to meet up and party afterwards....

    Peace to the Ewoks! May your race live on forever

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    Of course, everyone is down to partay. However, nobody wants to make any plans on the net because you might be weird, or ugly, or both. Threads like these are pointless. Just wait for April 27th, talk to some people camping near you, and theres your party crew. Done.
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    I want to go but fuck, thats a lot of money...

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