What a weekend. I had not been home since last years festival so I was a little leary considering everything that has been going on there over the past months.

All I can say is that the current promoters have their proverbial s%#t together. it was extremely organized, almost every of the 85+ acts played on time and as long as they were supposed to and the production quality was amazing, as a matter of fact i dont think i have ever heard sound that amazing on ALL of the stages at a festival, or dance event.

the vibe was great and was helped by flawless weather all weekend. a few europeans i talked to mentioned that they were surprised at how happy everyone was, even the staff of the event. all i know is, it was great to see so many people gathered in and having fun in detroit.

stand out perfromances:

carl cox - enough said, he destroyed the main stage on saturday night

z-trip - incredible, and awesome touch playing a plastikman record for his final track

luciano & loco dice - no one though they would be able to close out the mainstage as energetically as carl cox, they were wrong. crowd surfing, crazy dancing robots, all out carnival atmosphere mayhem which is awesome for these two. the united states has no idea what they are missing if they dont book these two more.

anthony rother live - first time in the states - it was mind blowing

glitch mob - incredible

rjd2/z-trip impromtu collaboration on stage - priceless

and so many others that are too vast to mention. I really think more people in the states should take advantage of this event. it is starting to turn into something great for the city and electronic music as a whole.