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    Hi everyone,

    After much searching my friends and I just found a room that is about 30 mins away from the Indio Polo Fields. It is at the El Rancho Lodge. They have 1 more room available around the festival dates. The rates are $149 US per night, and $139 US for full-time students.
    # 1-760-327-1330

    Check it out.
    Good Luck

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    i just called. and some no-so-nice dude told me otherwise. :-(

    poop. i thought there was hope that i wont be sleeping in a car.

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    Sorry about that, I called not that long ago, and the man helping me was Robert. I guess it was taken...

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    Try again. I just cancelled a reservation at this place less than 5 minutes ago.

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    try again try again!
    as predicted by nostradamus

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