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Thread: Health & Harmony Festival (Santa Rosa, CA)

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    Default Health & Harmony Festival (Santa Rosa, CA)

    Anyone going? Have you been to this before? What's it like? Any do's and dont's for this? I haven't had the chance to see Shpongle, so this is it.

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    Default Re: Health & Harmony Festival (Santa Rosa, CA)

    Considering Shpongle is spelled incorrectly on the poster...

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    Default Re: Health & Harmony Festival (Santa Rosa, CA)

    I'm jealous of you, and I'd be there if I weren't going to Bonnaroo.

    I went last year, and it's SUPER chill. Bring your own beer and bring a cooler, you can have it by your tent, just not in the festival area. Freely go between the festival area and your tent (imagine that!). Any more questions, LMK.

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