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    Has anyone had anything published before? Like a book?
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    I once had a semi-erotic film strip of me and my old donkey named Johnny, who inadvertanly was a female. This is now a rare collectors item, only 12 known copies are out there, and they are all owned by my latino friend "Rodrigo" who is actually a post op transexual who emerged from the slums of mexico city with H1N1 during the first wave of the disease. You can contact Rodrigo by calling 1-800-522-5633. I dare you to call him/her for you will be surprised.

    It was quite worthwhile getting these published since it boosted my career as a low level street prostitute in and around the east side of Los Angeles, where I met my best customer "coyote" but thats another story

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    I did a little chapbook once. 500 copies. It was a collection of writers.
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    I've had a little pet project going for a couple years. About 200 pages so far.
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