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I am still at Chase (formally WaMu, who I really liked) but I will probably be changing soon. I hear that they are going to start charging for direct deposit. I am not sure if that is true, but keep an ear out if you are with them.
I'm test driving this change as well...with fingers crossed.

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all of our business stuff is through union. i make a point to go to the one that is a little further from the house because they have many beautiful women wearing low cut blouses working there.
my personal is through wamu/chase...waiting to see if chase starts fucking with me.
i am still fed up with my wamu credit card acct., glad they went under. i was in the hospital and missed a payment by 2 days. i called and wrote and explained my situation, but they would not reinstate my 0% promo rate, even though i had been a loyal and perfect customer for over 10 years. yeah, i transferred the balance and cut up that card right quick. a big thank you to all those who ruined it for us responsible people.
Man, I can relate to this! Both Chase and my Wamu CC's pulled that shit by changing due dates, etc. I filed for BK and have since learned my lesson...and how to manage finances.Now this Chase bank wants to give me the world and start credit up again...No thank you! The lesson I learned was not to use credit, period!

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Be careful with credit card due payment due dates. I don't know what fuck tard created a scheme where they push the due dates back and or forward every month. Making you accidentally late on payments when you think it's due on one day, while they pushed it forward. Ya, they are inclined not to charge you, or go against credit score.. But that's AFTER dealing with that shit over the phone.. So be careful
Probably the same fucktards that helped guide me to bankruptcy.

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i never had a late payment in my whole credit history, over 10 years worth. i was admitted to the hospital via the er on a sunday and had no computer access for a week or so. heartless motherfuckers is what they were.
Heartless is how CC's make their living.