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Thread: I've got 4 tickets (genuine)

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    Default I've got 4 tickets (genuine)


    Thanks to the person that bought them (not mentioning names).
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    Default Re: I've got 4 tickets (genuine)

    There is hope!

    I don't need them. Av0099, you will have to get them to transfer the name on the will call. I think other people on this board have said that it worked for them that way.

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    Default Re: I've got 4 tickets (genuine)

    i am not a monkey however i can't help you, you do have to contact ticketmaster. ok monkey?
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    Default Re: I've got 4 tickets (genuine)

    Hi Im really interested, I have sent you an email, thanks!
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    Default Re: I've got 4 tickets (genuine)

    If you can get these transfered to another's name, I would gladly take one (1). I'll send you flowers downunder as well.


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    Default Re: I've got 4 tickets (genuine)

    Quote Originally Posted by av0099 View Post
    That's right, I've got 4 3 day passes available. Let me tell you how they came about first.

    I'm from Sydney, Australia. Me and 3 other mates were planning a trip over to stay in LA for a week and go to Coachella. Then 2 of them dropped like flies. 2 days after I bought tickets they suddenly realized they "couldn't afford it". Personally, I would've known I couldn't afford it before getting your mate to put it on their credit card.

    Anyways, I'm trailing off. The trip is cancelled, and I'm stuck with 4 three day passes that at this moment will be just sitting at will call.

    Now, I will sell you these 4 tickets, AT COST PRICE, if you can come up with a way that you'd be able to pick them up. I've tried emailing ticketmaster and the coachella site, but I think both sites are run by monkeys, because I got no help at all.

    So, figure out a way to pick these tickets up, and they're yours at cost price. I will only accept paypal. My email is Please only email me if you're serious.
    Sent you an e-mail.

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    Default Re: I've got 4 tickets (genuine)

    I'll know soon if I need the tickets... and I'll take all of them if I do.

    Send me a message if you need my assistance. (email already sent from

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    Default Re: I've got 4 tickets (genuine)

    Wow I just got hit with 10 emails in the space of half an hour. I am getting back to everyones emails. I will email ticketmaster and see if I can transfer the name on the will call. Everyone that's emailed me, I will get back to you I promise.

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    Default Re: I've got 4 tickets (genuine)

    Sorry people tickets are SOLD. Thanks for all the interest, and thank you to the person that bought them (you know who you are).

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