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Thread: The Gorillaz Thread

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    New Gorillaz website apparently has a "Gorillaz Live" section set up but unfilled so far. Some nerds dug into the html and found it.
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    No, I know [Muse and The Killers] are headlining.
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    I said the COMBINATION of Blur/Roses, which will be a worldwide exclusive that will be talked about for years to come. (1/30/2013)

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    it warms my heart to see this bumped. with the different phases (album
    release years) they've been posting, The Fall has to be next, and then new album announcement?

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    I hope so, the Fall post was literally like 20 minutes after your post, I hope for an album announcement this next week
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    This is my favorite because Lana looks like a porn star that just finished blowing a dude who just ejaculated and is making spit bubbles of his jizz.

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