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Thread: Real Life Officer Rod McFarva Douche Nozzle

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    Default Real Life Officer Rod McFarva Douche Nozzle

    Quote Originally Posted by fatbastard View Post
    Don't ever use Paul's name again in a posting. YOU GOT THAT YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER? Paul was making his bones in the business back when you were just cum in your mother's ear.

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    Default Re: Real Life Officer Rod McFarva Douche Nozzle

    burger boy: wanna super size you meal for a quarter more?
    farva: wanna get punched the size of your face? FOR FREE!?

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    Default Re: Real Life Officer Rod McFarva Douche Nozzle

    I'd give Farva the benefit of the doubt in this situation...
    Quote Originally Posted by shakermaker113 View Post
    speculation strikes again.

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    Default Re: Real Life Officer Rod McFarva Douche Nozzle

    wtf? how is this justified?

    report biased yes, but if that was the whole 911 call there's no way farva shouldn't be fired
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