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    i thought he was good, but something seemed missing in a wierd way. i love him and theres nothing in particular i can point out that was wrong but something felt missing. despite, he was amazing and is the steeziest cat cat meow meow around.

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    he was much better than the RHCP

    7/24 Stephen Malkmus/Entrance Band @ Henry Miller Library
    8/8 Underworld @ Hard Summer (maybe)
    8/28-30 Beastie Boys/Ween/Modest Mouse @ Outside Lands Festival

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    Default Re: Devendra Banhart

    'long haired child' was one of the best times of my life
    as predicted by nostradamus

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigc1 View Post
    he was much better than the RHCP
    at first i didnt understand what you meant, but now i do. haha

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    More performers shoulda rocked laker jerseys

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