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Thread: Best 'chella Rips?

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    Default Best 'chella Rips?

    There have to be some good shows floating around by now. Someone must have archived the McCartney show for posterity for instance -- one hopes. That's one a keeper. Any body got links or suggestions for searching this stuff out?

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    Default Re: Best 'chella Rips?

    bong rips?

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    maybe "rips" is the wrong word? I meant taping of the shows. Did ou see folks doing any of that kind of thang out on the grounds? Does Coachella frown on it?

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    Default Re: Best 'chella Rips?

    i thought of bong rips when i read this.

    i was expecting to see some pictures of bongs inside festival grounds.
    anyone get a bong into camp this year?

    our neighbors had a 3 footer!
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    right? I saw a chick hitting a crappy little purple acrylic, but other than that not much bongage at Coachella...

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    [QUOTE=wood1;1183330]maybe "rips" is the wrong word? QUOTE]

    It's not, I'm just messing around

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelastgreatman View Post
    No Taj Mahal or Ry Cooder? Fuck this thread.

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    Cool Re: Best 'chella Rips?

    Thanks much Greg. as for the herb ripping....that goes without saying!

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    best rip ever was the Daft Punk one, perfect quality and everything

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