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    There was no designated handicapped parking for disabled campers. There was no access to the upper restaurant bar area for the disabled campers either. Those are both ADA violations and subject to penalty via federal law, but things did not change when we were there.

    When I was packing up to leave, my wife's scooter ran out of batteries, and the staff did help us get our stuff to the parking lot...however...the woman we camped with (also disabled) was told someone would help her get to the parking area, all she needed to do was make a call. She called several times and was told they were busy. She sat in the hot Coachella sun for 2 hours before calling a medic as she felt as if she was going to pass out. Only after the medic insisted did the staff come and help her. She lives in Vegas but only made it as far as 29 palms before she had to pull over and get a motel from the heat exhaustion she had suffered.

    Also for the main stage, the disabled area was half the size of last year. we were on a riser set far back, so the bands were pretty far away, but at least we could see them...the real problem was the overcrowding and the staff not paying enough attention and letting people who did not have the disabled wristbands onto the riser...I had a couple of them at least kicked off...sitting down in a SRO you cannot see anything as people standing are 3 to 4 feet above you on all sides unless there is some kind of riser.

    My wife is recently disabled and I never knew or really appreciated the problems and stress the disabled encounter beyond just having to go thru life disabled. Coachella at least has an ADA director to answer to these issues, although....he was made aware of the parking and restaurant problems while we were there and it was not corrected during our stay.
    We followed McCartney to the Hard Rock in Vegas where they did not even provide a riser for the Standing Room Only concert so all the wheelchair bound could see were butts and the top 1/4 of the wife had no idea the band was onstage until she heard Paul singing. I'm disputing the charge with Visa right now and sending the photos of our view...the Hard Rock 3 times prior to seating us that day assured us we would be able to see the band and we would be on risers. One man with no legs below his knees never had a chance to see anything but a big screen about 20 feet away....I am sure he would have had a much better view on his tv at home.

    It's an outrage these things are not handled better for a venue (Coachella)that is 10 years old....It is difficult enough to be in a scooter or wheelchair or disabled companion without having to fight every inch of the many people walked right in front of my wife as she was trying to navigate the venue as if she could stop on a dime...people in scooters cannot. People with wheelchairs cannot...people with canes can sometimes but it can cause quite a bit of pain to stop and start....

    Please if you see someone in a wheelchair or scooter or pushing a wheeled chair or using a cane, give them some consideration...they are not trying for the most part to take advantage of their disability and they are not in it for the parking...believe me, it's not worth the pain.

    I urge you also to write or call James who is the ADA director for Coachella and tell him (although he should have already known) that the venue should be fully accessible to all who want to enjoy great music, regardless if they have been stricken with disablity or not.

    Thanks for reading and please if you are disabled....think twice about going here. My wife called far ahead to both venues ( Coachella and Hard Rock) and was repeatedly told they were absolutely ADA compliant....they were not.
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