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Thread: Hyatt Grand Champions

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    Default Hyatt Grand Champions

    Anyone stayed before?
    I'm pretty sure it's right across the street from the Renaissance (Stayed there last year) so a big fan of the location.
    And of course, I read it has a swim up pool bar..... fuck yeah!
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    Default Re: Hyatt Grand Champions

    Its ok =( overpriced for my taste. In my opinion Its better to stay at a local hotel and save money vs a nicer hotel with overpriced drinks
    Mick Jagger

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    Default Re: Hyatt Grand Champions

    The Hyatt GC is AWESOME!! Don't think they have a swim up bar though. It is expensive..but if you can afford it, its worth it just for their beds that I'm in love with! (I have a family member that works there..I always stay at Hyatts..hence the love)

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    Default Re: Hyatt Grand Champions

    Anyone ever used the bus transportation. Soliciting reviews.
    Sounds like a decent set up, except if you want to stay at the Festival after 2AM

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