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    Dude is a don. His set was slow to start cause of some tech diff but when it got goin, it got goin! Bass funk from another dimension. Anyone else rate it? I'd love to see vids if anyone's got 'em. Haven't been able to find any online yet.
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    I can't say I saw him at coachella... but I've definitely seen him a number of times (this past monday 4/20 bash), and he throws it down and stomps on it every time... love that guy... such a humble person too.. He wins.

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    he's played up @ s.lake tahoe a bit recently and in reno a few times over the past year or so for champagne and bacon, maybe they know where his vids might be found?

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    So glad I got to see the end of his set- he played after Rusko in Denver and stole my heart with his "hammer them down" Bob Marley remix... was super stoked to hear it in the Lab!

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