Coachella, as an event and a concept is relatively drug-friendly. Between the artists, the location and the demographics it appeals to I would think this is evident.

If this indeed is accepted practice why the FUCK did they have an entire task force working to bust as many people as possible before the Indio County jail literally filled to capacity? I've read some of the other posts talking about narcs floating around the Sahara tent. Well, let me tell you, they were right. I got busted with E, (at a Rave? Crazy...) and I got locked up. I'm looking at a pretty major felony. I sat in jail all Friday with a colorful cast of characters that were eventually transferred to make room for all the Coachellians. One kid that was in there had been in there for over 10 hours AFTER he had made bail for having weed brownies... I found out later over 20 kids were arrested, all for similar, minor offenses.

Another case stood out as being even more outrageous! One of my cellmates had been caught rolling a joint IN HIS CAR when one of the task force pricks, flashed the badge, and pulled him out of his car. He had a medical card on him and they proceeded to tell him his CA STATE ISSUED card didn't apply in Riverside County. Last I checked, Riverside was still in CA. BFE yes, but still Cali. He spent 10 hours in jail as well and is being charged with a felony to boot!

I am quite aware that drugs are illegal but filling a jail with concert goers seems counterproductive to the entire spirit of Coachella. It's held in that waste of a city to bring the desert income. Ease up on the aggressive, needless enforcement. Or at the very least, get a real dealer as opposed to someone smoking a joint...

Peace out Coachella, it was fun while it lasted.