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Thread: HEY! thats my fiance you're booty grinding with!

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    Exclamation HEY! thats my Fiance

    went on my walk to the dome and this girl and I meet eyes for a sec so I say 'Hey goodlookin", and keep walking. She runs up behind me and grabs me to tell the "I lost all my friends and want to hang out" story which was cool being that I to was solo. So after a quick conversation about where we're from I offered my phone so she could call her friends.

    She says "lets go dance first" and off we go. We step into the dome and she is immediately gettin low in full club hooch position! sweet! this was going to end well for sure right?

    After less than a minute of grinding on me she was taken by the arm and dragged away. All I remember was the word Fiance and his grip getting tighter on her arm. They were really going to get married i thought to myself...damn i did hear her mention something about a fiance but in reference to her friends...

    So I didn't feel much like dancing after that... walked out and looked for another girl to try the "hey goodlookin".
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    Awesome story

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