Lost and found has phones, cameras, ID's, Wallets, Purses, keys, etc.

We are working on phones today. We will be back in full force starting Tuesday April 28th. We are sending Twitter status updates on our progress.

We have a few notebook paper pads filled with descriptions of lost items along with 100's of emails to go through. We will be going through those in order received.

You can inquire about your item through info@coachella.com

WHEN YOU EMAIL US, THEN.....describe your item in great detail and how to get a hold of you. If you are looking for a camera, please also describe distinctive pictures, preferably non Coachella ones. Like your dog, wedding, kid birthday or something to prove its your camera.

We will be posting pictures of keys, cameras, dead phones and misc. items next week when we get back.

IF you found and item and you didnt turn it in, you can post in this thread and we will send people here to look for you. We can not coordinate between two third parties.

Yes at least 1/2 the wallets still have money in them so have some faith!

Thank you!

p.s. For OFFICIAL Lost and Found you email us to inquire.. I wont be checking posts here. that is why I gave detailed info above. saying to email. because that is what I will be checking. the emails.

EDIT 4/28/09