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    Default okkervil river

    i also posted the thread about who was seeing them

    they were the main reason i came to coachella really and was up at 5am waiting for them. dumb, but whatever. i was excited.

    i was at the fence, right side singing and dancing, if anyone else was up there.

    i know some ppl didnt like them from the "bottom five" thread.

    but thoughts?

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    Default Re: okkervil river

    excellent set. great band. i would definitely catch them live again. i was hoping for a Mojave tent set, but they brought it to the early main stage crowd. Unless It's Kicks, Pop Lie, Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe. forget about it!

    no Westfall, though

    i think the Black Keys and Okkervil River would work best in intimate settings.
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    Default Re: okkervil river

    they were a great band. great performance. loved the lead singer's energy. I'm a newcomer to the band, so they played the songs that I knew and I was happy about it.

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    Default Re: okkervil river

    I woulda liked different song choices. Like Westfall.

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    Default Re: okkervil river

    I was very happy with their set. Would love to see them again some day.
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    Default Re: okkervil river

    This was my favorite unknown band.

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    Default Re: okkervil river

    I really wish they were on any stage but the main stage. i liked the set none the less.

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