I was underimpressed about the "cube" because the video available made it look like the cube was self lighted, yet I saw that the effects were pushed out by two projectors at the front of house. (in the back of the tent). I had seen many a video and i was hyped for it, but it killed my expectations as I walked toward the tent and noticed that there were a bunch of sheets wrapped around some PVC, too much ambient light at Coachella to pull that off.

The sound however was amazing and the sound engineers seemed to have dialed everything in to the point that i needed to use earplugs.

It took a bit to get warmed up but I was stoked since his set kept building up. Visuals were a bit mono and started following a very similar visual set as Daft Punk "minimal effects into a full on color-scope fuckme-lightfest".

He started really killing it at this point and should have kept going for another hour or so but for some reason he ended it at a great track but waaay to early.

EDC was great and i really got down, it but in my opinon he needed a 3 minute and a 5 minute encore after the end of his set.

MSTRKRFT was the face melter for our crew, however everyone at the Sahara was amazing. Fuck you all you "im soo cool, i know all music" haters that are going to give shit about my post.