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    I had heard of this Belgian artist but didn't realize he was so cool. He's kind of in that camp with Yelle and Kasabian as European stars that aren't big in America. Good producer and great performer, not all of his songs are my cup of tea but there's definitely enough good ones that I'm really intrigued to check this guy out. Curious what spot he's going to get, I'm actually hoping daytime because Sunday night is going to be packed.

    pretty crazy video and song, but highly suggest reading that long analysis in the comments by PsychOnLoose, it all makes sense. ALL his music videos are interesting.

    great interview, learn a lot about him and his vision

    his live setup:
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    My wife's #1 for this day so I'm almost guaranteed to be there. His Papaoutai song is contemporary Euro pop at its best.

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