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    Default GORGON CITY

    Who else enjoyed this?

    I felt like the set time was perfect, a great way to bring in the opening night.

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    Default Re: GORGON CITY

    It was one of my favorite acts on the W1 live stream.

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    I've been listening to sirens daily since watching their set. Imagination is one of the best house songs I've heard come out in a minute

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    Default Re: GORGON CITY

    I thought it was so so to be honest.

    I still think Caribou brought Friday to life if any group.

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    Default Re: GORGON CITY

    Looking forward to catching them at Hard Summer since I wasn't able to see a whole lot of their set W2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ocbruin84 View Post
    Looking forward to catching them at Hard Summer since I wasn't able to see a whole lot of their set W2.
    Same here. When given the option between Gorgon City and Steely Dan, I had to go with Steely Dan. I figure they're not even at their prime yet and they'll be around for a while longer, most likely. It was a nice treat closing out my night at their Do Lab set though.
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