I personally felt that this years lineup wasn't that bad and I knew I was going all 3 days right when I saw it, but by visiting the message boards countless times a day I couldn't help but missing the "Killers dont deserve to be a headliner" threads, and the "Sahara sucks this year" also all the rumors on how sales were horrible this year ( I dont think anyone can actually confirm how well it went [only Golden Voice] ) so overall I assume that a majority of repetitive coachella-go'ers were somewhat dissapointed with the line up.
I know that the "We the People" festival (very shitty festival in my opinion but have SOMEWHAT solid lineups for the ticket price) which is held in L.A. every year is hosting online voting polls for fans to select who they want to see this year. (http://wtp.uservoice.com/pages/general)
I think having some form of a voting poll for us wouldn't be that bad of an idea, and I also think it would help ticket sales.
I know Golden Voice is very creative on their own and I know they have smart ticket sales speculations when the lineup is announced, and I know that not every artist wants to play Coachella (ex. David Bowie) but I feel this may help out GV a little bit and continue Coachella's legacy.