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    After a long and grueling drive, we finally made it back to parking lot 3 on Sat afternoon (2009). As I drove in to the lot, I followed the car in front of me. Just then a guy on a cart come whipping around the corner and almost hits the front driver's side of my car. I suddenly stop thinking he wants to get around me so I pause, he motions to the left so I go. As we park and step out of the car, he drives his cart up and get's in my friend's face begins to swear and physically threaten him. We all get out of the car and he gets on his walkie, by then a whole gang of parking staff is there, cussing at us and threatening to get my car towed. They start taking pictures of my license plate and order us to leave. We ask for this guy's name and he cover's his badge and says unconvincingly, "Carlos Garcia" and when we ask for his manager or boss, he states, "I AM the manager... NOW GET THE F_CK OUT." Mind you, there are no exits to this lot at that time because both lanes are being used for entrance. So this guy drives his cart and cuts off another car, head on and forces a traffic delay just to kick us out of the lot. So we went to another lot.

    Needless to say, we were all pretty angry and frustrated by this experience and I was worried about running into this guy again or that he would key my car or try to hurt us. My friend's girlfriend was in tears and this being her first Coachella experience, I was severely disappointed and embarrassed for the whole organization. We were definitely on edge in the parking lot the next day as well which is no way to start your day at the festival.

    Now I am aware that these are contracted companies that take care of the parking lot but I have never seen such unprofessional, angry, and frankly "ghetto" attitude from any type of workers (and I am a teacher in a inner city school). I can understand that it was a tough job to wave those thousands of cars in the heat and that by day 2, they've probably had to deal with a lot of festival-goers but we had not done anything to escalate the situation to swearing and physical violence.

    This "Carlos Garcia" on a cart in parking lot 3, Saturday 4/18, approx 3:30PM has serious issues and should not be allowed to drive a cart or deal with the public. I need to get in touch with the parking company to voice my complaint and get this guy FIRED before he hurts someone.

    Then again the next morning as we left the site, we got lost trying to get back to lot 6 and ended up on a dirt road just West of the one we needed to be on to get to lot 6. From one end, a woman at the gate yells "TURN AROUND" so we go the other way, then a different guy on a car yes from a couple hundred feet away, "TURN AROUND" too! So now we're trapped on this road and the guy yells, "THIS IS THE OWNER'S PRIVATE PROPERTY. IF HE SEES YOU, WE'RE IN TROUBLE!" This of course is funny to me because why would you yell that out? Drive your cart up to us and keep it on the down-low and help us get out of there quickly. Poor signage was at fault here and the fact that both people monitoring this area weren't away of the path leading to this property from lot 2.

    Thankfully, the staff inside the camping area and the festival were professional and friendly. Coachella, I don't know how many other times this happened in the lot but you've really got to think about using another company for parking attendants or seriously re-train them all.
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