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Thread: Meeting Boardies at Coachella 09

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    Default Meeting Boardies at Coachella 09

    Some of you I remember meeting:
    IVY <3
    Discharge Patrick (marry me!)
    Corinna (hottie!)
    Tom from AZ (Jack Nicholson doppelganger?)
    Rage Patton (you're fucking tall)
    Weeklymix Zak
    Forza (nipple rings.... I don't know how to feel)
    Miss Erica
    Prianca (you're beautiful!)
    Sexecutioner (nice body btw)
    Chris, SonOfHal. Orb. Blue shirt. Master dance skills.
    The gaggle of people at the boardie picture time on Saturday
    PAW and its +1s
    Melanie, Canub, favorite friend of the weekend PM me your email!!

    There's a ton more but I have a shitty memory.... I don't remember a lot of the weekend now that I think about it

    Meeting and hanging out with the lot of you made my Coachella experience infinitely more fun. Thank you All of PAW, you guys are a blast. Party all weekend indeed.

    Saturday was pure awesome because practically the whole board met up for Calexico (which were terrific!) and did a beautiful pyramid with Brandon on top!!

    I lost my camera if you have any pictures, please post them
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