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I love reading reactions like that! You should really try to see them in-doors. I saw the at El Rey a few days earlier, and it was just as amazing, but with one BIG difference. The bass. Nothing can compare to being shocked as you are during You Made Me Realize and having the bass vibrate your body SO HARD you actually get scared. Really though, I was getting a little freaked out with how my chest/hard/lungs might have been getting affected because of the full body/vision vibrations. That was the only thing lacking from the Sunday show. I am hardly hardly complaining however.
This is a band I will now travel to see. My ears were raped but I when all was said and done I felt it was more of a favor than a crime. It was really just something special. Not just the ending named after the attempted extermination of the jews but the entire god damned set was unfuckingreal.

I will see these guys again, it's just a matter of where, when and how. I didn't think anything could top Amanda Fucking Palmer and then it happened.