So, what did you guys think? I was pretty stunned. I thought they were great! They delivered in exactly the same way they did when I saw them back in 1989. It was an aural bashing. And while I know the threads around here joking about needing earplugs for their show ran rampant, the truth is- you better have had earplugs tonight! (I gave away two sets to some lovely ladies)

Before the comments start, I think it's probably going to happen immediately that someone will complain about the long noise overdose at the end of their set. But understand- that is what they do! The band has talked about the concept before. On the upside, even if you didn't like the neverending noise explosion at the end of their set, it definitely accomplished one great thing- everytime they paused between songs, a few Cure fans up front demanded either for their exit or just in general for the Cure to take the stage. At one point, they even started a chant. That is just goddam rude and not the first time I have seen it at Coachella (see Massive Attack before Tool). So when MVB officially launched into their final sonic assault, I think it pretty much challenged anyone up close to stay put. And it was a nice bit of 'in your face' justice to the a-holes who couldn't realize how great the band they were watching.

Anyway, there's my rant! I loved MVB tonight and they ended up being the only band whose t shirt I bought. Would like to hear some other thoughts!