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Thread: dude...... where's my car?

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    Unhappy dude...... where's my car?

    soooo.... yeah.... where's my car? lot 3 maybe? 3b maybe? 4? shew.... i don't really know. but it's hotter than balls out here and i've already walked around for literally hours looking for it. sooooo... if someone would be so kind as to dive me around to the different lots to find my car, i would soooo appreciate it and would return the favor 10 folds!!!! i have a massive amount of those things you wrap around your neck to keep you cool.... in my car =(

    did i mention my cell is dead??? yup, soooo if you'd be so kind as to help you can email me at and i will come to the internet cafe periodically to check it..... or if you're in the camping area and wanna swing be the internet cafe i'll be there from 5:45 to 6:45..... ummm... wearing a black strapless dress.... dark hair...half sleeve of flowers tattoo'd and a tat on my back of koi fish (i'm gonna try to post a pic on here)..... please, please, please help me.... i'm so bummed... need to find that damn buick!!!

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