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Thread: need a ride to the OC sun/mon

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    Default need a ride to the OC sun/mon

    I had plans to ride back with someone, but they decided they wanted to leave before stuff ended sunday night... not cool for me. So now looking for someone to give us a ride back after stuff is over sunday, or early monday. Need to get to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana by around 11am on Monday, but have a place we can crash already set up if we get back Sunday night. We are 2. We are camping but have very little luggage, and are happy to pay whatever makes sense for the lift.

    If you can help out, call or text me at 828-773-6678.

    Thanks a bunch.


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    Default Re: need a ride to the OC sun/mon

    contact Thai at 858.200.5625 and do not text message me.

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