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Thread: the cure..... 9:25?

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    Default the cure..... 9:25?

    Ok in advanced im sorry if this thread has already been posted i searched and all but no avail...

    The cure start at 9:25.

    how long do you think they will go on for?
    i mean they have a rather extensive catalogue
    but idk i cant really see them playing for 3+ hours

    blah i would like some feedback from the people who are not at coachella at the moment and/or at coachella but dont abandon the forums for three days.

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    Default Re: the cure..... 9:25?

    They will play until curfew or whenever the plug gets pulled. In 2004 they played until 12:30 am but didn't start until closer to 10:30 pm

    Their normal headline concerts are usually around the 3 hour mark, sometimes longer.
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    Default Re: the cure..... 9:25?

    hm. Maybe they planned on getting an early timeslot for the purpose of playing a longer show.

    Maybe im just hoping that the cure would atleast try and top paul.
    you kno?

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