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I don't even know where to begin on the narcs. Friday, I didn't notice any but on Saturday I watched a guy who offered my friend and I pills ten minutes before get put into a choke hold, thrown to the ground and arrested by three fully strapped undercovers. Then later in the night I was sitting outside the Sahara after the Bloody Beetroots near the water and first aid tent when a narc came up and asked me for a joint, I simply said no and turned away. For the entire time up until the Crookers started undercovers started swarming the place. Granted the three of us were rolling, hard, I still had my wits about me and was observant. I watched two of them dressed up like "ravers" with khaki cargo shorts with either a blue shirt with a backwards yellow "PLUR" hat or visa versa. They were flat out trying to set up traps. I saw a guy sit down next to us probably 20 ft away and not even a minute later he was moving closer and closer. "Shots" were being taken, they had vapor inhalers, the whole works just trying to bait someone in. I went into the Sahara with my friend for the Crookers, we found a nice spot and sat down for a cigarette. As I opened my bag and reached in a girl walks by with a camera facing down at my open bag and takes a picture. I yelled out that I saw her do it but obviously she didn't answer. The Crookers started and we moved up some and were then boxed in completely by narcs. They all stuck out like sore thumbs and there tactics were ridiculous. They had a "couple" grinding together on our sides and others coming and going at our front and back. My pockets were touched from every angle and I made it loud and clear that I was not cool with these random people touching me like that. I knocked off one of the guys hats revealing a wire and saw a wire and microphone hanging out of a bandana wrapped around one of their necks. I grabbed my friend and we moved only to be boxed in once again. This is were it really upset me, as they had us boxed the exact same way they were grabbing my bag and squeezing it, asking me for lighters, gum, cigarettes. I heard a girl say, "Lets smoke cigarettes and he'll want one so he'll open his bag." They did, I didn't open my bag. As the Chemical Brothers went on one of them walked by between us, pushed me and grabbed my friends purse almost completely ripping it apart. Then not even ten minutes later I watched a guy who I am not sure was an undercover or not, creep uncomfortably close to my friend and she looked at me and was not cool with it, when I looked down I saw his hand squeezing her purse and going inside it. I asked him what the fuck he was doing and stepped between him and her. He gave me what I believe to be some fake fucked up daze and wouldn't answer me. That's when I called them out on all the shit they were doing and walked out, but the walk out was not easy. Some pretty large and unusually stiff for the Sahara guys tried to block us.

To sum it all up, I was followed for the most part of Sunday too. Everytime I went to the bathroom the same guy was at the port a john next to me. Everytime I left a tent someone rolled off the supports and started following. Every now and then I'd walk by someone with glowsticks and they'd randomly wave them in the air and start yelling. Everytime I would stop moving someone in the crowd would put their hands up and trying pumping them to the music in my direction and more random people would always be showing up. Whenever I had an itch on my nose and I'd scratch it, people would start whistling. This was not just once or twice, but mostly every single time, especially in the Sahara. I felt targeted in the campgrounds and in the festival someone would always be standing near me talking unusually loud about how they need pills, ecstasy, coke, etc.

Now to clear a few things up, Saturday I had three strong rolls I kept stored in where you put the battery in the cell phone. Took one before Bloody Beetroots and then the last two before MSTRKRFT. I was rolling balls for MSKTRKRFT, so hard that the stage was completely vibrating and I couldn't really make anything out. Before and during the Crookers I am without a doubt positive they were narcs but as for the rest I am starting to believe that it was a paranoia that set in while I was rolling and wouldn't go away and when that's coupled with my complete awareness of everything happening around me, the "everytime" things could have simple coincidences. But all that aside, I had the absolute greatest time this weekend and am so very depressed that it is over until next year.

Just wanted to get my story out there.
Were you up for a week straight on speed? A friend in college told me a similar story that was not at coachella, reminds me alot of your story. I bet you witnessed something that had to do with narcs, then were paranoid for the rest of the weekend. I just told EVERY random who asked for drugs to get lost.