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Thread: Sit or stand?

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    Default Sit or stand?

    This is my first Coachella, and I know I should have asked this earlier, considering I'm leaving home in about an hour and a half, BUT

    do the people stand or sit for the shows?
    I mean, in some pictures I see people sitting, is that only in some theaters?
    I don't really care about the other acts except McCartney's which is at the Coachella Stage.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Sit or stand?

    Stand in the shitters. The rest doesn't matter.

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    Default Re: Sit or stand?

    Sit/stand/lie down... whatever... nobody really cares. But, do yourself a favor and at least check out the other acts.
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    Default Re: Sit or stand?

    Does Anyone know if there is seating at any of the stages. We are not going yo be in the GA area. using VIP Cochella wristbands, I'm old ae can not stand for long.

    We are there for Sir Paul please help

    Party on Dudes

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    Default Re: Sit or stand?

    There is no seating near the main stage. I have no idea what VIP gives you.
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    Default Re: Sit or stand?

    you gonna be tired.

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