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Thread: One Camping Pass PLEASE (yeah, Im begging)

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    Exclamation One Camping Pass PLEASE (yeah, Im begging)

    I am in dire need of a camping pass. We just realized that the camping passes sold out. YEAH..dumb move. When she bought her tix, she forgot to buy her camping pass cuz we were considering hotelling it. PLEASE PLEASE hook some nice ladies up with a camping pass ,if you're selling it. I'm even willing to throw in a little bit more than the selling price (cuz c'mon..asking for hundreds of dollars for a pass you probably spent a good $60 on isn't very fair) AND i'll even be a good sport and buy you a beer and even a meal inside. But on top of all that..u get a new friend! Well, you'll make 3 new We'll all be forever grateful for your niceness. Im just a music lover looking for a good time, with good people and good music. Please let me know if you're up to be my own personal Jesus.

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    Default Re: One Camping Pass PLEASE (yeah, Im begging)

    dude keep trying on ticketmaster
    i was in the same situation as you yesterday and i got lucky and bought one camping pass on tm. so its not hopeless
    as predicted by nostradamus

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    Default Re: One Camping Pass PLEASE (yeah, Im begging)

    Some guy is selling a camping pass for cheapish.

    Sure, it's not $45, but it's better than something else.

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