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Thread: camping question help please

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    Default camping question help please

    me and some buddies are trying to figure out where to camp last minute..

    we'd like to camp on-site (to be near other friends and for 'the dome') but we're worried about the implications behind getting illicit things from our car to our campsite.

    do they check each person going between the camper parking and campsite thoroughly? or should we just do off-site camping?


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    They do check each person. How thoroughly depends purely on luck -- each security worker is different. Obviously people do drugs and drink in the campsite... therefore it's not exactly impossible to get contraband thought security. As others have said, be creative. It's a little last minute to be deciding on where you're sleeping though, isn't it? Other camp grounds may not have availability. Good luck and have fun this weekend!
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    Default Re: camping question help please

    thanks for the reply, i think we are going to take our chances and go on-site.

    is it going to be difficult to find a spot for two small tents if we come a little late on friday night?

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