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    My friend and I are looking for a place to stay. We were supposed to stay at her aunt's house, but it turns out construction will be going on this weekend. If anyone has any rooms available or anything (we can sleep on couches if need be) just let me know. thanks so much!


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    We have one room available in a private resort in palm springs. It's a really great place!

    If you are interested, please email

    **Two guests per room. The reservation is Thursday April 16 – Sunday April 19 (check out on Monday). Four (4) nights.

    **All suites face the pool, have internet, kitchenettes and privacy.

    **You will be sharing the resort with 10 friends. We are from NYC, SEA & PDX.

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    $70 total for both Fri & Sat at the Red Roof Inn only about 10min from Coachella. Woot. It'll just be me and two friends. Give me a call if you want to join.


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