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Thread: Buying e-tickets from Craigslist HELP

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    Default Buying e-tickets from Craigslist HELP

    So I just got an offer from some guy that was $200.00 for a 3 day pass e-ticket. He mentioned that there is a number I can call that will verify its authenticity, is this true? please help me out. I'm new to the whole craigslist thing but im broke so i have no other option this year! thanks so much you guys

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    Default Re: Buying e-tickets from Craigslist HELP

    Ticketmaster does not very authenticity over the phone. At least from my experiences with them(correct me if i'm wrong please). I would not suggest buying an e-ticket. The seller could be printing several copies of the same ticket and selling them. There are those that are legitimate. $200 seems to good to be true, for a 3 day e-ticket.

    ....then it becomes FIRST COME FIRST SERVE TO THE GATE.

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    Thanks, my gut was telling me to not take the offer. This solidifies that answer.

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    Default Re: Buying e-tickets from Craigslist HELP

    Don't do it, dude, this is most likely a scam. I'm sure you've heard the old adage, "if it seems to good to be true . . .
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    Default Re: Buying e-tickets from Craigslist HELP

    ... than it is. Haha, ya I know. Ah well. How are my chances of buying tickets the day of the show? I've heard you can get really good deals if you tough it out (like $50.00 per ticket). Is that not going to happen due to friday being a sold out show? Whats my best bet getting the cheapest ticket? Sorry for the newbie questions

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