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Thread: What's up with tickets selling out?

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    Default What's up with tickets selling out?

    I have been to Coachella for the last 4 years and have never seen tickets selling out so early. I actually have only seen tickets selling out in advance, I think, 2 times, the radiohead day and some other day. And they sold out by mid march.

    So, what is going on now? If the 1 day tickets in previous years rarely sold out, how would 3 day passes sell out so soon? There is no way that all those 3 days passes were sold only to the concert goers. There is a lot more behind it, scalpers, agencies. What's up with that?

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    Default Re: What's up with tickets selling out?

    higher profile = more scalpers

    coachella is getting bigger, getting more attention every year.... next year i'd recommend everyone buy tickets during the presale.....

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    Ummm a lot of people bought tickets.. Look at the line up, you tell me what is not to like on there overall... Yeah some scalpers and stuff bought tickets but the e bay market is not full of a zillion and one listings at the moment so that theory is slighty out of place for the moment. Having the freedom to choose your day mad the RATM day sell out very fast and then the only way to get in was to bite the bullet and buy 3 day tickets. Then as more people thought about it they liked going for the whole weekend and not the one day. So there.. Believe it or not, but concert goers did buy the tickets.

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    not sure where you're going with this but there are several obvious answers

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