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Thread: Official "I'm NOT EVEN CLOSE to leaving yet" Thread

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    Default Re: Official "I'm NOT EVEN CLOSE to leaving yet" Thread

    I'm going both weekends and I don't know where to start. I just keep staring at my bag hoping it will pack it self but so far, no luck. Then one of my dogs will lay in it and give me sad eyes. It's like they know.
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    Default Re: Official "I'm NOT EVEN CLOSE to leaving yet" Thread

    I'm pretty much packed and ready, but don't leave until Friday morning, My brain is already there but my body won't be free till 5pm on Thursday.

    My co-workers are pretty sick of me asking "Is it thursday yet?!"
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    A transfer opportunity at work fell in to my lap three weeks ago that I absolutely needed to take advantage of. Corporate as fuck sales, sole individual representative of my company to an account/customer who provides us with ~$30mil in business revenue every month. Tons of paperwork, glued to a cellphone and computer type of position. Not only am I still getting my feet wet, but it was a move out of state, so there's the whole "not having a real home at the moment/living out of an extended stay hotel" thing too.

    Worst timing ever, couldn't say no, but had this trip planned for an entire year with presale tickets. I'm literally scared and stressing out of what shit could happen with my vacancy. So much shit left to do to get ahead, and then the perpetual worry of shit going south while I'm getting backwards on the polo fields. It wouldn't be a problem if I had had a few more months to find my rhythm at this gig, but goddamn man.

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    Going weekend 2 gives me so much anxiety because i have to see everyone posting about how they are there... It is weird knowing that a Coachella is going on and I'm not there.

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    Default Re: Official "I'm NOT EVEN CLOSE to leaving yet" Thread

    Calendar succesfully cleared. Technically, work is on the way to Coachella. Getting close.

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