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Thread: Coachella for Health/Fitness Addicts

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    Default Coachella for Health/Fitness Addicts

    One of the toughest parts of attending Coachella for me is always the time away from my regular workout routine, and above all, getting through 3 - 4 days in grueling desert heat, not getting the proper nutrition/hydration/sleep while I'm there and feeling like death by the end of it. I feel like I end up losing at least 5 lbs and suffer atrophy from it all.

    Does anybody else share the same worries? Any pointers besides the obvious "drinks lots of water" on how you get through it? Which festival foods have you found benefit you the best nutritionally?

    I prefer to stock up on protein bars and any other feasible supplements that don't require mixing them with milk to get through it. I was thinking of bringing in a plastic tub of protein powder from a larger container but does anyone think security might think that's sketchy and not let it in?
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