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Thread: Offer: looking for person(s) to share coachella experience from SF Bay Area

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    Default Offer: looking for person(s) to share coachella experience from SF Bay Area

    Quite odd I know, but the person I was going to go with canceled on me at the last second and while I don't have a ticket and my hotel reservation can be easily canceled I'd still love to go, so I figured I'd see if maybe somebody(s) on the board would be down to go down there for the whole festival and come back up and share expenses....a lil info about me/who I'd like to join me.....

    I'm a 22 year old male from Millbrae (10 minutes south of SF), I'm going to be driving a Toyota Corolla (great mileage so not much cost on gas), there's no smoking in the car (unless its green, in which case, its encouraged). I'm not single and not looking to hook up with anyone at any point of the trip. I have a bas ass taste in music that will be displayed on the drive down and up (Beatles, Radiohead, Dylan, Floyd, Tool, funk, jazz) and at coachella (main acts going for are McCartney, Cohen, Band Of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Antony & Johnsons). I have a motel booked about 10 miles away which I'm gonna cancel unless I find someone(s) to split cost with (roughly 100/night), but I only have it booked for Friday and Saturday night so I might switch to camping based on the responses of this post...I don't have many guidelines on who I'm looking for, I'm a pretty trusting person so I would like to hope whoever may join me will be trustworthy and just not an asshole, I'm down to go down there and back up whenever so long as we are there for all the music. I also don't yet have a ticket, but once I make plans I'm a for sure.

    If interested, you are welcome to respond to thread, PM or Email me

    PS this would be my 4th year at Coachella and I've been to a few other festies so I know my way around
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