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Thread: how early can I line up?

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    Default how early can I line up?

    I'd like to grab a good spot at the main stage for Mccartney. How early is too early for lining up to get in? (seriously).. I don't think I'm gonna camp. I'm a young guy, not a gigantic fan, but I'd like to see the guy up close once, so I don't mind waiting around. Bring on the PM criticism

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    Default Re: how early can I line up?

    You might try 4 acts prior.

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    Default Re: how early can I line up?

    Really, once gates open, you can stay at the main stage all day...but I'll be off having more fun, and be satisfied seeing him on the big screens if I decide to see him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaypalmsprings View Post
    You might try 4 acts prior.
    I think he means outside the gate.

    Dude, you can start moving up at like 3 or 4 and be fine. You don't need to go straight from the gate to the a matter of fact that might be a little tough to hold down one spot for 8 hours and take some of the pleasure out of friday.

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    Default Re: how early can I line up?

    If you're too close you won't see the fireworks.

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    Default Re: how early can I line up?

    thanks for the feedback. I know it doesn't sound like much fun and its not a very coachella like thing to do, but I've done regular coachella a few times, I'm only gonna try to see this Mccartney guy once. I've done the 24 hour wait for like the radiohead/wilco bands and its not a bad pay off. its not for everyone and some shows are really good away from the stage I agree, but I want front this time. I'm just thinking that I may have to compete with the crazy old Mccartney fans. So does anyone think there might be an early line outside? Again, I know none of you would want to do what I'm doing, and yeah, some PM stuff is pretty bad, but if you'd like to share any knowledge or experience....thanks!
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    no, last year i go inside the "t" rail for prince and all i did was watch portishead. if you are there from noon on you will literally be on the rail.

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