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    Default FINAL Set Time Predictions!

    Thank you to all who played along!
    Honorable Mention goes to:
    dorkfish, rage patton, mvanwinkle, HEADSTRUCK, MassiveChemicalPunk, Boourns, DRcube, Xenocide, zenidogx, danteb, CitizenJ, psycobetabuckdown, suprefan, Amneeziac, JSam67, Alchemy, TeamCoachellaHellYeah, boarderwoozle3, magmazing, Dr. Lufs-al-ot, Why The Long Face

    Solid bits of info:
    - Throbbing Gristle, Mojave, 7ish
    - Amanda Palmer, Gobi, 4:30
    - Mastodon, Mojave, 11
    - Ghostland Observatory, Sahara
    - Ghenghis Tron, Mojave, 11
    - Beirut, Mojave, 8:30
    - X, Mojave, 4ish
    - Outdoor Fri: M. Ward> Oberst> Cohen> SSPU
    - Main Fri: Black Keys> Franz> Moz> McCartney
    - Fleet Foxes, Outdoor, Sunset
    - Paul Weller, Outdoor, Sunset
    - Leonard Cohen, Outdoor, Sunset
    - Bob Mould Band, Outdoor, at night
    - MIA, Main, before Killers
    - Etienne De Crecy, closing Sahara

    ..and various other times for Friday, although not represented in the final predictions.

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