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Thread: Looking to catch a ride from Las Vegas!

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    Talking Looking to catch a ride from Las Vegas!

    I am really bummed out now because my brother and a few other of my friends arnt going with me to Coachella because now it is sold out.

    They were my ride down.

    I live here in Las Vegas.

    I am camping on site and will be there for all three days. I am meeting my boyfriend and some other friends from out of town there.

    I was hoping, if anyone needs a carpool buddy that I can ride down with, I will pitch in for gas and all that..

    Im clean and im not creepy weird I promise!!
    And I am a great navigator

    : ]

    Down with overpriced scalpers!

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    Default Re: Looking to catch a ride from Las Vegas!

    Just the ride down, not back; correct?


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    Wink Re: Looking to catch a ride from Las Vegas!

    yes driving back is no fun after coachella


    Down with overpriced scalpers!

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