Who was the very first act you saw at your very first Coachella, around noon or 1:30 or whenever you had had your fill with the fans or the energy bikes? Will you always remember this act as part of your Coachella experience or is it completely forgettable?

The Octopus Project popped my cherry on Sunday 2006. They came on at noon and were one of the few acts I saw outside of the mainstage. I called my girlfriend at the time, who had gotten me into them, while "The Adjustor" was playing and she got angry and impatient and hung up because she was so jealous.

That's when I knew how great Coachella was. (The Octopus Project needs to be invited back btw)

So who gave you your first memory and began your long road to obsession with the best music festival in America? Rogue Wave? Comedians of Comedy? The Killurz?