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    Talking Green River Ordinance!!

    February 24th, 2009 marks the date of a very important birth. The birth of Green River Ordinance's new album "Out of My Hands". Many of you may ask, who is this band? Why should I care? Well friends...let me say this. This band is astoundingly good. Maybe not la creme de la creme as so many people have suggested before me but they pack enough punch for all of us to get blown away. The group's "baby" as they like to call it, debuted at #4 on the Alternative charts on iTunes. Well deserved boys, well deserved. GRO consists of 5 guys from Ft. Worth, Texas with mucho talent. Josh Jenkins: Lead singer/Acoustic Guitar, Joshua Wilkerson: Backup vocals/Electric Guitar, Geoff Ice: Backup vocals/Bass, Jamey Ice: Electric guitar, & Denton Hunker: Drums. This album is a great disc to put on if you want to get up and shake ur bon bon. Trust me, I've done it...several times. Its packed with high energy tunes (Sleep It Off & Outside) but also has a nice mellow side for those of us lovesick puppies out there (Endlessly). Their harmonies are tight, musicianship in sync. Green River Ordinance is on the right track and keep me begging for more. Their album "Out of My Hands" is available everywhere right now so either download it on iTunes (7.99) or hit up one of your local media stores. Do yourself a favor and check this album and band out. They shall not disappoint.

    You can check them out @ OR

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    It's available EVERYWHERE? I'm going to look for it at my local fishing supplies outlet.
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